How Does it Work

WaiverPro is designed to speed up the waiver process and give you your time back.

  • Once you have created your account, you can set up your first project/job. You will enter the job name and number, the owner and state that your project is located.
  • Now that you have the project/job set up you can now upload your preliminary notices. (this is only done once)
  • As you upload your preliens WaiverPro will take the information that is needed for a waiver and drop them in the “waiver” fields. Now, not all preliens look the same, so you may have to make some corrections. (This is easy peasy!)
  • Once you have the information the way you want to see it in your waiver, save that prelien and upload your next pre lien. WaiverPro will handle as many preliens as you have on a project. (10, 50, 100!!)
  • Now that you have your pre lien uploaded and saved, let’s create some waivers!!
  • Choose which waivers you want to send, enter the email address of the vendor/subcontractor you want the waiver to be sent to then hit CREATE!
  • You will be able to change or add an email address at this point.
  • You now have three options for what to do with your waivers:
    • Email
    • Download
    • Download and Email
Once you have sent your waivers you can move onto the next project.
Everything you have done in setting up the project and preliens will be there the next time you need to send waivers.
To send waivers next month, all you have to do is go into the project, choose which waivers you want to send and off they go!
When you set up a project it will take a few minutes, but when you go in the next time you have to send waivers you will be able to send ALL (10, 50 or 100) waivers for that job in less than a minute!
WaiverPro Because it shouldn’t take all day

WaiverPro your Waiver Creation Solution