What Is WaiverPro?

Cutting edge technology that reads your uploaded preliminary lien and automatically pre-populates your construction waivers for you in a matter of minutes instead of hours.
After 20 years of experience in construction accounting and creating tens of thousands of waivers we realized there was a better way, we just had to create it ourselves.
We have, you need it and we want to share with you.

  • After you create your job
  • You can then browse or drag and drop your preliminary liens
  • Our technology will pull your technology from your preliminary notices that is needed for your waivers
  • Next you select the waiver you want to send, the through date for the waiver and whom you want to send it to
  • Decide to email or download
  • Enjoy your time without waivers

WaiverPro Don’t & Do’s

  • 1
    What we don’t do!

    We don’t hook into your accounting software. WaiverPro is designed to be simple, we deal with waivers and not your accounting system.
    We don’t pay your vendors. You are in charge of cutting checks and managing your own money.
    We don’t receive emails from your subcontractors or vendors. We send them out but be prepared because they’ll be coming back fast to your email address.
    We don’t do pre-liens or liens, we do waivers.

  • 2
    What we do!

    We do help you get paid faster. Waiver efficiency improves your cashflow.
    We do eliminate keying errors.
    We do automate the distribution of waivers according to projects. We do give you the ability to send Conditionals and Unconditionals in the same email.
    We do send waivers in minutes. Because it shouldn’t take all day.

Pricing Plan


TRIAL $0.00

Duration: 1.0 Month(s)

20 Waivers / Month

500 (plus $399.00 yearly license fee)

MONTHLY $299.00

Duration: 1.0 Month(s)

500 Waivers / Month

1500 plan (plus $399.00 yearly license fee)

MONTHLY $750.00

Duration: 1.0 Month(s)

1500 Waivers / Month

Enterprise Level Plan

If your feel to have a more waiver for your business and all these above plans are not suitable for your business.
Than don't go anywhere.
Send us your requirement and we will provide higher accessibility of waivers for your business.

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